CSm Summer Music Festival

Cavendish School of Music
Shahyad Tower
Zaha Hadid’s Heydar Aliyev Center
CSM Summer Music Festival: This programme has been put together with the effort of the Cavendish London, Cavendish Baku, and our dedicated team in the Cavendish Music Club.


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Perform music with professionals and to an international audience.

Unique opportunity

international audience.

This unique opportunity will start in the beautiful city of Tehran and finish in the historic city of Baku.

A unique opportunity for young musician to perform music with professionals and to an international audience.
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Cavendish International Music Club Summer Camp:

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(Five weeks in Tehran plus one week in Baku)

  • The great experience for young music students at home and abroad
  • Five weeks of specialized music training under the supervision of music teachers in Saad Abad Palace complex and one week in Baku
  • Playing in Concert at Saad Abad Palace complex
  • One-week trip to historic city of Baku and stay in a 4-star hotel.
  • Accompaniment with International music maestros in Baku
  • Participation in the concert in Baku
  • Also receiving one-year membership to Cavendish International Music Club.

Awarding an international certificate for a specialized course in the language of music.

Receiving Cavendish International certificate as members of orchestra to completed training, rehearsal and performed at the concerts at Saad Abad and the Baku concert


  • Tour of Baku old town and main city attraction.
  • Participate in a dinner party after Baku main performance.
  • Specialized music language training by Cavendish Language Academy in Baku.


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For registration or more info about this programme, contact Cavendish School of Music by phone or email
Tel: International +44 7402 058356 Azerbaijan +994 (0) 5054 833 52 or Email: mravandi@cavendish.ac.uk
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