International University Foundation Diploma

A foundation programme is a UK-inspired study course designed to fill the gap between your current level of qualification and knowledge and the level needed to be admitted to a Bachelor’s degree at an international university.

Our International Foundation Diploma course is specifically tailored to meet the needs of international students and designed in line with related progression degrees at the European and British universities. The course covers everything you need for higher level education in an English-speaking institution. The program not only focuses on the specialised subjects but also the academic English, ensuring that you will be able to study, and complete assignments and examinations with confidence.

The following specialisation are available:

  • Business, Law & Social Sciences
  • Science & Engineering

General topics you will cover:

  • Questioning in a university environment
  • Links between independent study, revision and reading skills
  • Using and acknowledging the work of others through referencing
  • Data and its applicability to university study
  • Textual analysis and how literary texts are studied
  • Structuring thoughts and ideas and its importance at university level

Why join the course?

All You Need to Know about International education in one place.

Higher education is about learning at a higher level: developing skills relating to critical thinking; holding a supported, substantive argument; analysing and using data or sources critically. These are university-level skills but you can work on the foundations of these skills before you get there.