English Language

A good knowledge of a foreign language is more important now than ever before. In a world, which is becoming increasingly ‘International’ it is vital to be able to communicate with people across the globe.


English is the international language of the world today. Your knowledge of this language will give you the ability to adapt to rapid changes in the world. Cavendish International Language Department provides a unique learning environment and aims to develop its students’ knowledge of English to ensure that they have the confidence and ability to use that knowledge in a wide variety of situations.


A wide range of courses is available catering for students of all levels. Students can prepare for the external examinations or follow short courses on non-examined programmes. Speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar are taught in an integrated programme with an emphasis on language practice to enable students to use their knowledge with confidence.

  • French Language
  • Russian Language
  • Azeri Language

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