Customer Relationship Management

CRM is all about business survival and how to create new value for its stakeholders by managing relationships. As a critical organizational competence, its management cannot be left to chance. Indeed in fiercely competitive markets where products and services are similar, has placed additional burden for organisations to develop strategies that will put their customers first.

This course focuses on how strategies should be formulated and implemented to achieve business objectives and maximize the potential of existing CRM programs.

Customer Relationship


Customer care is everybody’s job, because every individual and team within an organisation contributes to the products, services or general impression that customers, clients and visitors take away with them. This course identifies the key ingredients of customer care and how learners can make an important contribution to the success of their company and enhance their career through a professional approach to customers.

Topics Include:

Customer Relationship Management: Principles

  • Customer Relationship Management Concepts
  • Customer Relationship management Drivers
  • Building customer relationships
  • Customer service
  • Internal marketing

Customer Relationship Management: Applied Strategy

  • Foundations for Customer Relationship Management Strategies
  • Customer Relationship management Strategies.
  • Relationships with other stakeholders
  • Implementation of CRM in the organisation
  • Reviewing the CRM strategy

Customer Relationship Management: Pursuing Service Excellence

  • Quality Service Delivery
  • Delivering Exceptional Customer Service Beyond Customers Expectation
  • Monitoring and Measuring for Continual Service level Improvement
  • The Keys to Customer-Centricity
  • Measuring customer Lifetime value to the organisation
  • Best Practices for winning Customer Loyalty
Award: Cavendish International Certificate
Delivery mode: Part-time
Level: 3
Credit: 4