Problem Solving

This course focuses on tackling business and organisational issues, finding creative solutions to improve performance and achieve a competitive advantage. You will learn a wide range of practical techniques to understand problems thoroughly, generate and develop new ideas and solutions, compare and evaluate solutions and then communicate those ideas effectively.


  • Correct problem definition
  • Identification of the “root” cause
  • Implementation of permanent solutions
  • Improved team working
  • Improved communication
  • Decisions based on data not opinions

Course Content:

Creative thinking; Positive thinking, Creative Thinking, Thinking Skills, Brainstorming, Mind Mapping, Critical thinking techniques, Creative Thinking Tools & Techniques

Problem Solving: Types of problem, Identify problems, Identifying root cause, Problem Solving Skills, Problem Solving & Performance Improvement Barriers to Success & How to Overcome Them, Collaborative Teams –roles, rules, and responsibilities

Decision Making: Decision style, Barriers to effective decisions, Causes of poor decisions, Types of problems and decisions, Evaluating different alternatives, Using 6 hats technique, Decision making in groups, Criteria for good decision making, Decision support tools.

Creativity And The Business Needs

To improve your organisation’s existing services, performance, and achieving competitive advantage you require Creative Thinking & Creative Problem Solving. As more people become involved in decision-making and problem-solving, you must be able to work with them to formulate creative decisions which are owned by those who must make it work. With the right problem solving and decision making skills, you can encourage teamwork and facilitate the opportunities for business performance improvement.

Delivery: One Day
Level: 3
Credit: 3
Award: Cavendish International Certificate