Delivering Reform and Strategic Change

There are various initiatives in both public and private sector of the Nigerian economy geared towards introduction of necessary reforms that would facilitate efficiency and profitability. Delivering these reforms will require reinforcing the drivers with wider perspectives.


This 2 days program is designed to enable the participants to retreat from the normal environment to focus in developing relevant strategies for optimal performance in change management.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Explain reform concepts and process
  • Identify the reform areas in various dimensions
  • List implementation process of reforms
  • Explain change management process
  • Discuss contemporary issues in change management
  • Enumerate various leadership patterns in reform delivery
  • Develop solutions and action plan for implementation


Reforms & Transformation Dynamics

The topics of discourse during the course are:

Reforms Essentials

  • Background Issues in Government Reforms General Introductions
  • Review of Present Situation & Public Expectation
  • Creative Thinking
  • Transformation Keys

 Identifying Reform Areas

  • Outlining the Sectors
  • Identifying Critical Areas
  • Drawing the Action Plan
  • Presentation of Reforms

Implementation Of Reforms

  • Managing the Stakeholders
  • Capacity Building & Team Development
  • Managing the Implementation Process
  • Envisioning: Moving 50 Years Ahead

Leadership Issues In Reforms

  • Leadership & Succession Planning Dynamics
  • Influence Tactics
  • Why Should Anyone Be Led By You?
  • Gender Issues & Leadership

Strategic Change Management

  • Change Management Essentials
  • Background Issues in Change Management General Introductions
  • Change Dimensions
  • Strategies & Analysis of Investments

Change Process

  • Identifying & Introducing Change: The How
  • Change Process Specifics
  • Managing Resistance

Leadership Issues In Change Management

  • Change Impact Assessment
  • Problems, Prospects, Power & Politics of Change
  • Creating & Sustaining Change Organisation
Delivery: Two Days
Level: 6
Credit: 3
Award: Cavendish International Certificate