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A good knowledge of a foreign language is more important now than ever before. In a world, which is becoming increasingly ‘International’ it is vital to be able to communicate with people across the globe.

English is the international language of the world today. Your knowledge of this language will give you the ability to adapt to rapid changes in the world. Cavendish International Language Department provides a unique learning environment and aims to develop its students’ knowledge of English to ensure that they have the confidence and ability to use that knowledge in a wide variety of situations.

There are many opportunities in commerce and industry today for well-trained key personnel. Vital to the success of any company, these individuals carry considerable status and are rewarded with high salaries.

Cavendish Business courses, are pro-active, entrepreneurial, and at the cutting edge of modern business and management practices. They prepare students for competition in the business world of the future; a future that requires managers who have the skills and knowledge to make a business grow.

Communications today cover trade, consumer PR, client relations, advertising, and marketing through the use of traditional and digital media.

Cavendish Communication Department offers innovative teaching methods in both classic and leading edge subjects such as: Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, and the application of digital technology and social media in business.

Cavendish Design Department offers a range of practices including Art & Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Design Communication, Digital Photography, and Make up. All courses are developed and delivered in a dynamic and critical environment as we consider art to be a continuing and transformative undertaking.

The teaching staff offers students a professional level of tuition within a supportive, lively and encouraging learning environment. All courses are project based. As you work through the course you will develop your knowledge and understanding through practical and idea based studio sessions, which will help you gain a strong understanding of creative production methods.

Choosing your field of education and where you wish to study it can be one of the most important and difficult decisions you will ever make.

Cavendish International with more than 35 years experience in this field will provide the most suitable education solution for you. We have an in-depth knowledge of colleges and universities and their requirements. All of our courses cover a range of skills that will allow you to progress to the university of your choice and study with confidence. These include subject specific academic modules alongside note taking, presentation skills, essay writing, entry exam techniques and much more. English language tuition is also provided at a range of levels.

English Language
Pre-university (Foundation Course)
University Entrance Preparation
Post Graduate Foundation Courses


Students are helped to achieve their full potential during their study at Cavendish International through a variety of academic support services. These include one-to-one tutorials, study skills seminars, and online support materials.


Cavendish International provides a counselling service which will assist and advise students on their current or future studies and their career development. Special support and counselling is also available for students who are planning to study abroad.


Cavendish International is located on the third floor of Medical Plaza Hospital in Rashid Behbudov Street in downtown Baku. There are many boutiques, shops, and upscale restaurants in this neighbourhood. It is especially busy in the academic year due to it being near Azerbaijan University of Languages and Department of Visas and Registration. The nearest metro station is 28th May street and advised to use that if you are planning to visit the collage.

How to apply

You can apply by phone, email, or visit our collage admin office in person. If you need academic or career consultation before your application, you are welcome to let us know in advance, so we arrange a free consultation session for you with our advisers.