International Pre-Master Course

The Cavendish International Pre-Master’s is a preparation course for international students who are aiming to study for a postgraduate degree.



The International Pre-Master’s is a stimulating and rigorous course, which provides you with the levels of English language and academic skills required to succeed at graduate level. You will study three compulsory modules which will introduce you to the English language, research methodologies and academic skills necessary to succeed on a Master’s degree.

Course structure

You will study three compulsory modules which will introduce you to the English language, research methodologies and academic skills necessary to succeed on a Master’s degree.Module one: English for Academic Purposes 

This module will develop your ability to communicate, build and share knowledge in academic contexts through reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Module two: Research, Argumentation and Criticality

This module examines research methods used at graduate level, whilst developing your critical, analytical and argumentative skills for study at that level and your improvement of language proficiency to support these.


Module three: Discipline-specific Research, Argumentation and Criticality

This module builds on the first two modules by further developing your research, argumentative and critical skills in a chosen discipline or one closely related to it. This involves looking at what knowledge is in that context and how that knowledge is constructed and communicated in your chosen, or a closely related, academic discipline. Options may include:

  • Business & Management
  • Finance, Accounting & Economics
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Law
  • Mathematics
  • Science, Technology & Engineering

Teaching is by lectures, classes, seminars and workshops. In addition, you will be assigned a member of staff (a personal tutor) who you will meet with individually most weeks and who will provide constructive academic and personal development guidance and support.

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Course benefits

Cavendish International Pre-Master’s will help you facilitate the smooth transition to a Master’s degree at leading world universities by:

  • Developing your research skills, as well as your ability to critically analyse, question, argue and communicate, both generally and within your individual discipline.
  • Enhancing your independent learning skills and learner autonomy in preparation for the demands of studying an academic discipline.
  • Developing your ability to reflect on the learning process and the process of producing academic work.
  • Providing opportunities for extensive practice in the wide range of academic tasks that you will typically undertake at university.
  • Improving and expanding your academic English language skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing to the level required of Master’s students.
  • Preparing you for an English language qualification that is recognised by the universities.
AssessmentYou will be assessed by a combination of formal course assessments and examinations. You can view the specific assessment type for each module above.
Award: Cavendish International Certificate

Special Features

This course is designed to develop real-world skills, while deepening your self-awareness. It employs a dynamic mix of group discussions, activity-based development and feedback to help you reach your potential.