Give Your Career A Boost

Learning Medical English increases the opportunities of getting a promotion, a new job and a salary raise.

For those working in a medical field, it is important to be highly accurate and clear in their communication but they also need to be able to show tact and sensitivity.

We aid the professional development of nurses and healthcare professionals who do not have English as their first language, where the ability to communicate effectively with English-speaking patients is a key factor.

English for nursing course is designed to improve the communication skills and specialist English language knowledge of healthcare professionals, enabling them to work more confidently and effectively. With an emphasis on listening and speaking, the course covers core areas of nursing such as:

  • Patient Admission
  • Asking for and describing symptoms
  • Using plain English with patients
  • People and places in the hospital
  • Key patient interactions
  • Taking Medical Specimens
  • Patient Handover
  • Discharge Planning

The Benefits

At the end of the course you can expect to:

  • Studied the language of medicine in various contexts
  • Learned to communicate effectively with patients
  • Increased your awareness of specialised terminology
  • Analysed real case scenarios
  • Learned how to deal with challenging situations

International Qualification

Students will have the opportunity to sit for the exam at the end of the course and successful candidates will receive their certificates from Cavendish International London. This is a perfect qualification for those students who are planning:

  • For professionals that want to work in an English speaking country or in an international company.
  • For those who want to develop an international career.
  • For students that want to start studying Medicine at a University in an English speaking country.

Key Information:

• Dates: Sept 2020
• Age: 17+
• Fees: 150 AZN per month
• Two 60 minutes sessions per week (Mondays & Wednesdays)
• Plus 60 minutes conversation session per week (Fridays)
• Course Length: 12 weeks
• Maximum Class Size: 14 students

What makes our programme special?

Whatever your language or experience level, our objective is always the same: to give you the skills and confidence to use English immediately and effectively in a wide variety of contexts.

Key features:

Our trainers are very experienced – and they recognise that not all students are the same. So our courses are flexible enough to reflect the needs of participants.

Authentic tasks and activities based on everyday nursing scenarios – from dealing with patients in pain to discussing lifestyle changes – make the course relevant and motivating.

Medical English

The topics below are some of the units covered.

• Authentic medical texts, realistic patient scenarios
• A focus on communication skills to build rapport with patients
• Understanding and completing charts and documents
• Describing common hospital procedures
• Post-Operation Assessment

Exceptional Programme

This is how you boost your career.

150 AZN per month

Best investment you can make in yourself.

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