How we do it?

We are committed to delivering excellence in teaching and training across the higher and further education sector. Over the last 30 years, we have developed a unique culture and philosophy in delivering the type of education and training, which addresses the local needs with a sound internationally recognised foundation. Our courses are designed not only to satisfy the local business needs but also the eager mind of globally aware young learners.

  • • Courses designed for success.
  • • Over 35 years of experience.
  • • International Recognition.
  • • Best eLearning support tools.

Why we do it?

We do it, because we love teaching. .

We do it, because we love to make a difference.

Cavendish has been providing high quality for all type of students since 1985. We offer wide variety of academic, professional, and vocational programmes, designed to equip you for the world of work and enhance your future career.

Nothing is more satisfying than receiving an email from one of our old students telling us how successful they have become, and thanking us for playing a part in their success.



We are in eight countries and three continents


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Working on 12 projects in 4 location

years of experience

We have been building colleges since 1984

How we got started

Cavendish College was established in London in 1985 and as the organisation grew internationally, the brand Cavendish was developed to cover the evolving and expanding activities around the world. Although all partners are separate legal entities with full independence now, they all share the simple philosophy, which the founders of Cavendish set in the first place; To Provide:

Quality Education @ Affordable Price.

We have more than 30 years of experience in building, managing, and delivering quality higher and further education institutions, setting up colleges and universities in the UK, India, Iran, Zambia, Uganda, Kyrgyzstan and now in Azerbaijan.

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Cavendish International Certificate

Certificate programs are targeted courses addressing a single subject that can generally be completed in a short time. Those who complete their course of study successfully will receive Cavendish certificate. Read more